Linux cp command with reflink

copy files and directories-p same as –preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps-R, -r, –recursivecopy directories recursively-v verbose, show what is going on. –reflink[=WHEN]control clone/CoW copies. This just copied 169GB of files in 20 seconds. This only works on supported filesystems, so for example by “#Btrfs, #CIFS, #NFS 4.2, #OCFS2, #overlayfs, and #XFS”. See here. Explainshell tells you this.

OCR all PDFs in a folder by cron

I will not write a long explanation, just this short one. The cronjob looks like this: This will start sh (a shell, just like bash) and run the command after -c. The command flock will create a lock-file, to prevent that this cron job is started while there is still the previous cron jobs running. […]

Debian for Raspberry Pi

Just some info, because the last time when I flashed an SD card I took #Raspbian only because I could not find the #Debian images as quick. Infos about Debian for #Pi are here: Images: Some tips for settings, like #SSH on first boot (you need to add a key):

Linux swap with dphys-swapfile

This is a solution for a #RaspberryPi, some #VPS without swap of some machine setup without swap where you need swap for something without wanting to fiddle with the drive partitions or so. This is a quick and dirty “short manual” for #Debian based #Systemd environments (such as #Ubuntu, #Mint or #Raspbian). First run this: […]

Debian based full updates in one command

I have this small script deployed on any of my #Debian based systems, it just does all the update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, autoremove and autoclean in one run. I have this script deployed in a lazy manner, I just have it sitting in my users home folder and called it “up”, I did do a “chmod […]