Did you know explainshell.com yet? Try it, for example with that command from last time sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN this is an amazing web site I use often so see what commands do that I find somewhere. Try it.

disable vim visual mode

It drives me nuts that I cannot copy something from a ssh terminal when I use vim. I have no clue what this visual mode is meant to do besides anoying my. My solution: no more visual mode -> marking and copying text from vim by using the mouse works again.

lsof – local open ports

A short one: Command This will output all the ports the system is listing on. You might have to prepend “sudo”. So then the command will be: The list is long without the “grep”, it will filter the output and only show the lines which contain “LISTEN”. Edit:Oliver from Hubzilla (part of the Fediverse) pointed […]


This is kind of my cheat sheet, nothing fancy, just what I need. Command: rsync – Befehl -c, –checksum -h, –human-readable -a, –archive -v, –verbose -z, –compress -P – equivalent to –partial –progress –stats – This tells rsync to print a verbose set of statistics on the file transfer ‘host:~/RemotePath’ – is the source path […]

Hello World

I decided to write my notes about Linux, technology, programming, scripts, tor and other things into a blog. I do not think these are best solutions, neither to I think this are good solutions, but I hope to help some people and after all I hope to get feedback and lern something from those reading […]