… is an easy to use and powerful tool, it can be used to replace part of file name (string1) with some other string. Something one can also do with some “sed” hack, but this tool is much easier to use, especially for beginners. You can get all information needed from “rename –help” (here from […]

Resize qemu VM disk

VM runterfahren Image der VM vergrössern: Je nach Setup ist sudo nicht nötig, durch den Befehl wird die Diskimagedatei um 15 GB vergrößert. VM starten Weiter geht es in der VM auf der Konsole. Partitioen mit parted anzeigen lassen: Ausgabe so oder ähnlich:Model: Virtio Block Device (virtblk)Disk /dev/vda: 53,7GBSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512BPartition Table: msdosDisk Flags: […]

Did you know yet? Try it, for example with that command from last time sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN this is an amazing web site I use often so see what commands do that I find somewhere. Try it.

disable vim visual mode

It drives me nuts that I cannot copy something from a ssh terminal when I use vim. I have no clue what this visual mode is meant to do besides anoying my. My solution: no more visual mode -> marking and copying text from vim by using the mouse works again.

lsof – local open ports

A short one: Command This will output all the ports the system is listing on. You might have to prepend “sudo”. So then the command will be: The list is long without the “grep”, it will filter the output and only show the lines which contain “LISTEN”. Edit:Oliver from Hubzilla (part of the Fediverse) pointed […]


This is kind of my cheat sheet, nothing fancy, just what I need. Command: rsync – Befehl -c, –checksum -h, –human-readable -a, –archive -v, –verbose -z, –compress -P – equivalent to –partial –progress –stats – This tells rsync to print a verbose set of statistics on the file transfer ‘host:~/RemotePath’ – is the source path […]